Seasonal Shifts

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a good one!
Whenever it's a new season, I crave making some small changes to my routine. I wanted to find a new easy breakfast since that's one of the great pleasures in life. 

I found a recipe for Bircher in The Happy Kitchen that is terrific and easy peasy.

It's made with skim milk (50ml), plain yogurt (4 tablespoons), oats (3 tablespoons), chia seeds (a teaspoon or so), a pinch of cinnamon, and sliced almonds. I put it in a measuring cup overnight and then add berries and pumpkin seeds in the morning. It's super healthy and has all sorts of mood boosting ingredients. Yum! 
I just started reading Danielle LaPorte's White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another, which comes out in May. It's unself-helpy self-help if that makes any sense. I'm digging it big time. 

I just wrapped my Pilates lessons and am now embarking on classes. It's so hard! I took it up to give my ad…

Spring Self Care

Happy first day of spring! And World Storytelling Day. And International Day of Happiness. It's a good day, no?

Thank you for the beach house design tips here and on Insta. I'm looking forward to this project a lot.

Have you seen the Google logo today? Love it! Spring is an excellent thing to celebrate.

I find that this is the time of year when the energy from the New Year tends to sag. To counteract that, I'm ramping up the self-care. My Go To tools are the motivational videos of Danielle LaPorte, Cheryl Richardson, Gabrielle Bernstein, and the Female Entrepreneur Association.

I'm also drinking more water (I add mint chlorophyll or a splash of cranberry juice since I HATE the taste of water) and cooking healthier meals. On Sunday, we cooked the Immunity Boosting tomato sauce from Oh She Glows. We mixed regular pasta with the zucchini pasta to make it a bit more kid-friendly and added peppers and pine nuts to the sauce in addition to everything else in the recipe. Sooo…

By the sea

The Mr. and I just returned from our summer place by the sea. We made a quick two day trip out there to measure for furniture and make sure the place was really ours (property law out east seems quite casual.)

The flight is ridiculously easy. Props to the Hamilton airport and the Westjet staff who made the flight entirely painless. Everyone is friendly, there are no lines, and it all runs very smoothly. It really felt like no bigger deal than taking the Go Train. It's now officially the Halifax Jitney.

I think we are going to like it in Nova Scotia. First off, everyone is ridiculously friendly. We went to the farmer's market in Lunenburg and after a five minute chat with one of the vendors, we were extended an invitation to a summer barbecue. Apparently, this is normal. We met up with some friends of friends who've moved out there permanently from Ontario and they say friendliness is de rigueur. They were also ridiculously friendly and walked us through the hows and whats …

Spring Broke...

Happy Tuesday!

We are boot deep in snow. It's crazy. My mind was already on summer. We've had to change spring break travel plans but it's all good. The littles are still making it to Washington and we will still make it to the coast. There are simply more airplanes involved now. The dogs will still be looked after at Casa SxSW, so all is right in the world.

Spoilers ahead: Is anyone else watching The Bachelor? What was up with the body language on After the Rose. Nick and Vanessa looked like they were sitting in family court, not announcing their engagement. And she used to be an actress? What? That never came out on the show. Makes more sense why she went on it. I still can't believe he passed over Rachel. That girl was a winner. Vanessa is a winner too. It just seems like she's not super into the relationship.

I took the kids to Starsky yesterday. It's a European grocery store in Mississauga that sells a lot of Polish products. I loaded up on poppyseed loaf,…

Spring forward

The only bit of spring around these parts is in a vase...

We are back into snow. Grrrr. The little kids driving vacation has turned into a flying vacation. Flexibility is key when travelling. 
Serena is less than impressed with the weather, hence resting bitch face....

I'm looking for ways to bring a touch of spring into my house. 
I need a new rug for my office and I'm very drawn to pink these days. I'm kind of loving this one...

I also want to add a blue and white pot planter to my collection to house tulip and hyacinth plants. As I age, I'm becoming a fan of planted flowers rather than cut ones. I think this one is quite fetching...

What are you doing to springify your house? Are you enjoying nice weather or grumpily putting on winter boots yet again?


Saturday Shuffle

Happy Saturday!

Hope you are planning a good one.

We are in holiday mode around here since it's March Break. I love to start off a holiday Saturday with a big cup of coffee, something sweet, and a fun and irreverent read (Tatler is always a sure bet...)

Right now, I'm loving Sophistication Is Overrated by The Slageter Sisters. It's equal parts cookbook/entertaining guide and comedy routine. Imagine the Sugarbaker sisters writing a cookbook after a fifth of whiskey and an altercation with Ray Don. It's hilarious. So far, my favourite idea is a party celebrating the First Anniversary with the New Trophy Wife.

I think I'll host one of these next January. I am 5 years younger than the Mr. after all!

Miss Thing was at the vet again.

We finally seem to have kicked the ear infection after 5 rounds of treatment. And, fingers crossed, her lungs are clear. I have to decide whether or not to take her back to visit her therapy clients. We both enjoy the work. But the vet cauti…

You spin me...

The cruise we were on in early January was quite magical. The service was beyond perfect, the food was amazing, and the amenities were the best in the cruise world. That still, however, did not protect us from Poseidon's wrath and we had a very bumpy day and night at sea where the Gulf of Mexico hit the Straights of Florida. They had to cancel the entertainment, lest the Broadway star be tossed across the stage; they moved the high tea to the lower dining room; and most people had room service for dinner lest they tumble down the hall (this is a cruiseline favoured by wealthy seniors: there was a lineup of high-end Zimmer frames at each meal.) 
I'm prone to vertigo so when the ship got rocking, I simply got a bunch of movies from the ship's library and tucked into bed. The rocking was actually fairly soothing that night.

Sadly, when I got of the boat, a few days later, I was still rocking. The symptoms subsided after a couple of weeks. By mid-February, I was feeling pretty…