I have been a professional writer for over a decade and was an editor at Literary Mama. I'm a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada. Prior to that, I worked in investment banking and management consulting, and was the Executive Director of a children's museum. I've also run the training department of a Fortune 500 Canadian subsidiary and worked as an executive recruiter. I have an MBA in finance from Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. I also have a BA in English and Classics from the University of Toronto. 

The Real Story...

Once upon time, there was a Toronto mom named Jen Lawrence who gave up a career in investment banking to go forth and multiply, and promptly lost her mind. Hence her practice of referring to herself in the third person...

As the author of the pioneering mommy blogs T. O. Mama and MUBAR, I wrote about taboos such as fertility treatments, post-partum depression, maternal ambivalence, and why it's so hard to get a damned coffee already when wielding a double stroller. They made a documentary that captured my experience. Sadly, I was played by an actress, thus thwarting my life-long desire to appear on reality tv. She's the one in the pink bathrobe.

After disappearing from the blogosphere during my divorce, I re-emerged in a dizzying array of ever changing blogs, bouncing from Blogger to Wordpress and back again. I also wrote a fun little business book called Engage the Fox, but I don't like to spread that around unless I am talking to strategy profs in need of a textbook, in which case I mention it ad nauseam.

After my divorce, I moved to Oakville a toney suburb I'll call Stepford. I dated a series of men ranging from boring to Satan's less-nice-cousin before settling down with the Mr.. He was the neighbourhood's resident hot widower (he had all his teeth, all his hair, a job, and a house. Plus, he was a beloved coach in town. Booyah!) Needless to say, this angered some of the local ladies. They like to let me know that I'm not welcome in town. And apparently some of them still read my blog. Hello there, ladies!


Thankfully, I've since amassed an army of skinny yoga moms who watch my back. Stepford, like Hollywood, is high school with money.

I'm currently a blogger at 1010ParkPlace.com and The Huffington Post, and, of course, I write here. I love to write about midlife change, style, over-40 beauty, reality tv (RHONY, Ladies of London: you are my spirit animals!), anxiety, self-care and books (I run a book club at 1010 Park Place.) I'm currently at work on a book about changing your life by changing your narrative.

I appreciate every reader and I love to hear from y'all.


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